bruzzi Professor Stella Bruzzi is Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick. She is working on a major new project, APPROXIMATION: Documentary, History and Staging Reality, which examines and analyses the current cultural interest in alternative ways of representing factual events since ‘9/11’ and the impact of digital technology on documentary, history and memory. She is an advisor to the UBVO project on obesity, eating disorders and the media.
 tenna jensen Dr Tenna Jensen is a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her Doctoral thesis was entitled “Food consumption in Denmark in the 20th century”.
 eli Dr Karin Eli is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. In her doctoral thesis, she analysed processes of selfhood among eating disordered people in Israel. Her current research examines the interaction of socio-environmental and individual factors in narratives of anorexia and bulimia, highlighting the roles of genetic discourses. She is also a lecturer in the Anthropology of Body and Gender paper offered as a part of ISCA’s Masters in Medical Anthropology course.
 anna lavis Dr Anna Lavis is a Medical Anthropologist working as a Research Fellow on the SUPEREDEN Project in the School of Health and Population Sciences at the University of Birmingham. This explores young people’s experiences of a first episode of psychosis and of its treatment in England. With a shared interest in individuals’ subjectivities of mental illness, Anna’s doctoral thesis drew on ethnographic fieldwork in an English eating disorders inpatient unit and on pro-anorexia websites to investigate pro-anorexia, a desire to maintain their illness amongst anorexics. Leading to a thesis entitled “The Boundaries of a Good Anorexic: Exploring Pro-Anorexia on the Internet and in the Clinic”, this research was undertaken at Goldsmiths, University of London. It was funded by the ESRC and won a 2010 Radcliffe-Brown Sutasoma award from the Royal Anthropological Institute. As a Research Associate in the Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity, Anna is primarily collaborating on the project currently exploring obesity, eating disorders and the media.
 nowicka Dr Paulina Nowicka is an Assistant Research Professor on a three-year grant from Vinnova Marie Curie International Qualification (2012-2014). In her work between Oxford’s UBVO and Unit of Pediatrics, the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, she is seeking to identify the most important familial and sociocultural drivers of obesity early in life, and to investigate how lifestyle patterns develop across generations, with a specific focus on immigrant families. Her research is inspired by experiences from the Childhood Obesity Unit in Malmö, Sweden, where she worked for almost a decade as a clinician. Her postdoctoral education has included research at Yale University (Yale Pediatric Obesity/Diabetes Research Program) and the University of Oregon (Department of Psychology). In the Karolinska Institute she is a PI on a comprehensive randomized controlled trial, the More & Less Study, aiming to test different treatment options for preschoolers with obesity. She is a member of the Childhood Obesity Taskforce of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), the scientific secretary for the Swedish Association for the Study of Obesity (SFO), and Treasurer for the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG).
 oppen Professor Stephen Oppenheimer is a member of Green Templeton College, Oxford, and an Honorary Fellow of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
 danieljong Dr Daniel Schwekendiek is a social and economic historian with a specific interest in using anthropometry and biological anthropology as indicators of malnutrition, public health and historical welfare. He is a fellow of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, and a lecturer at Tubingen University, Germany. He joined the UBVO in 2010 to complete a six-month postdoctoral project analysing anthropometric data on Korean adoptees, before moving on to UC Berkeley.

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