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Photo gallery

lone gron 1


Lone Gron,  ofAarhus University, in a presentation on obesity, kinship, and relatedness in the context of social contagion as ‘alien af-fection’ in family histories and experiences of obesity.







maurizio meloni with michelle pentecost



Maurizio Meloni came to speak about how epigenetics is changing biopolitics. Here he is with Michelle Pentecost






Marisa Macari




Marisa Macari, of El Poder del Consumidor,speaks about Mexico’s national strategy to prevent and control obesity and diabetes.




anders kristian munk




Anders Munk and Torben Jensen, both of Aalborg University Copenhagen, give a presentation on the uses of digital methods in the social sciences





gabriella morini



Gabriella Morini, of the University of Gastronomic Science, Pollenzo, Italy, gave a presentation on current knowledge in the physiology of taste






hayley macgregor



Hayley McGregor, from Sussex University came to speak about the challenge that the rapid rise in obesity-related diseases in South Africa is posing for exisiting healthcare systems ther






chris forth



Chris Forth is an historian at the University of Kansas, and he came to UBVO to speak to issues of consumption, disgust and animality in an increasingly fattened United States






helen bould



Helen Bould, of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford spoke about the influence of school on disordered eating in both the UK and Sweden






gaston yalonetzky


Gaston Yalonetzky, of Leeds University Business School, spoke about inequality of outcomes. inequality of opportunities and social mobility across countries








james stubbs


James Stubbs, from the School of Psychology, University of Leeds, described some of his long-standing  work on the psychology and physiology of attempted weight loss and maintenance in the general population









lucy cooke

Lucy Cooke, University College London, discusses children’s eating habits and food preferences







morten kringelbach





Morten Kringelbach, University of Oxford, speaks to how pain and pleasure are constructed in the brain








paulina nowicka-2


Paulina Nowicka talks about negotiation of children’s eating behaviours and physical activity patterns in low income families in the United States











trish greenhalgh


Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oxford talks about the value of narrative analysis in moving forward in the field of behaviour change research







heather howard 1


Heather Howard, of Michigan State University, presents an ethnography of of a metabolic surgery clinic in the United States









eleanor bryant


Psychologist Eleanor Bryant, of the University of Bradford,  came to speak about Disinhibition and the extent to which it can predict eating behaviour.

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