Eating disorders and dance


The researchers involved in this project — including postdoctoral researcher Karin Eli and choreographer Rosie Kay — aim to explore the embodied experience of eating disorders through dance practice. This investigation fits within the UBVO’s wider objective of identifying and analysing socio-environmental factors that influence the trajectory of bodily changes related to food and eating.

More information on this project will be available here soon; in the meantime, please contact Dr Karin Eli for more information.


Press releases

SEPT 2013: Sluts of Possession @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the association with  University of Oxford and the Pitt Rivers Museum

Rosie Kay joined forces with fellow performer/choreographer Guilherme Miotto and video artist Louis Price to create a brand new work, Sluts of Possession inspired by notions of altered states, trance, ritual and states of possession.  The work was created in collaboration with the Pitt Rivers Museum, and used the museum’s collection of sound and film field recordings. The work has an anthropological slant, and was heavily covered by the UK and Scottish press, bringing the work of the museum and the university to a wide and varied audience at the festival.  The work is now in development; with interest from a range of venues as an installation/ live performance work.  Expressions of interest are being sought to back up Grants for the Arts application from Arts Council England to tour the work in 2014 to galleries and non-traditional venues.

“Dressed like 21st century backpackers, but with their faces daubed in patterns of white paint, the two dancers enter the stage like creatures from a lost tribe… the 40 minute work that follows is a physical tour de-force as the couple perform an anthropological compendium of trance or ritual dances. “ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

The show has arisen out of Kay’s plunge into the hallowed halls of academia as, get ready for it- resident artist of the Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford.  If there is anyone who can crash through the fusty walls of Higher Education, it’s Kay.”
Donald Hutera, The List

“There is an academic-anthropological thrust to Rosie Kay’s newly premiered Sluts of Possession, a two hander in which she and Guilherme Miotto get under the skin of primal rituals, trance dance and the altered states that ensue.  Kay’s source material is from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.”  Mary Brennan, The Herald

“Rosie Kay returns with Brazilian Guilherme Miotto in a fascinating new show, which invades consciousness through its physicality and mesmeric power.  A fusion of dance and film inspired by states of possession, it incorporates extracts from anthropological film archives and field-recorded music donated by the Pitt Rivers Museum (University of Oxford) and new material by Louis Price.” The Skinny

“In Sluts of Possession the wild eyed-shaggy haired Rosie Kay and the powerfully built Guilherme Miotto join forces with the video artist Louis Price for a fractured journey into the dark heart of other cultures.  Cued to doctored field recordings, Kay and Miotto cut loose against a backdrop of archive anthropological film footage and scratchy animated graphics. It is an arresting attempt to capture primal states of being.” Donald Hutera The Times

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