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Selected papers, presentations and audio (MP3) recordings of previous seminars are available below. Where possible (and with permission from the authors), MP3 recordings of most UBVO seminars are available for free download from The University of Oxford’s iTunesU platform. Click here to visit UBVO on iTunesU.

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Past Talks  

29/11/2018 Cecilia Lindgren, Professor of Genomic Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Oxford Genomics of common obesity  
22/11/2018 Lauren Bandy, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford Assessing the reformulation efforts of soft drink companies in the UK  
15/11/2018 Per Hogh Poulsen, Department of Occupational Medicine, Herning Hospital, Denmark Psychosocial inequality, insecurity and overweight/obesity in a Danish Youth Cohort  
30/10/2018 Gyorgy Scrinis, University of Melbourne Ultra-Processed Foods, Big Food and the Corporate Capture of Nutrition  
18/10/2018 Charlotte Albury, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University Of Oxford Discussing weight management in primary care – insights from conversation analysis of the BWeL trial  
11/10/2018 Harry Rutter, Professor of Global Public Health, University of Bath Chess, not chequers  

7/3/2018 Book Launch: Digital Food Activism, edited by Tanja Schneider, Karin Eli, Catherine Dolan and Stanley Ulijaszek.
Discussion with: Thao Dam, University of Oxford MSc. Student; Mike Goodman, Professor of Environment and Development/Human Geography, University of Reading; Noortje Marres, Associate Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick coming soon
7/3/2018  Torben Jensen and Anders Munk, Aalborg University, Copenhagen
Digital Methods and their Implications for Social Science coming soon
7/3/2018 Tanja Schneider, University of St. Gallen
Entrepreneurial activism and the redefinition of food sustainability coming soon
7/3/2018 Anders Munk, Aalborg University, Copenhagen
Tracing the New Nordic Food Movement coming soon
1/3/2018 Karolin Bergman, Uppsala University

Public expressions of trust and distrust in official dietary advice: What do letters reveal about lay people’s relation to the National Food Agency in Sweden?

coming soon
22/2/2018 Gabriela Morini, University of Gastronomic Science, Pollenzo
The taste for health coming soon
15/2/2018  Sara de Wit, InSIS, University of Oxford 

How climate change as an idea travels to sub-Saharan Africa: The anthropology of forecasting, future-making and humanitarianism coming soon
8/2/2018 Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oxford
Theorising with narrative: How careful analysis of stories can help us rise above the ontological desert of ‘behaviour change’ research coming soon
18/1/2018   Alex Nading, Brown University
Ethnography in a Grievance: Enunciatory Communities, Law, and Environmental Justice in Nicaragua’s Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic coming soon
9/03/2017 Anne Katrine KLEBERG HANSEN, The SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen
Picturing Fatness: Photography and medical typology in the early twentieth century  
2/03/2017 James STUBBS, School of Psychology, University of Leeds
Multidisciplinary approaches to the challenge of weight loss and maintenance in the general population  
16/02/2017 Emma RICH, Department for Health, University of Bath
The obesity epidemic and how bodies came to be through the pedagogies of digital health mp3 podcast
9/02/2017 Mike RAYNER, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford
Nutrient profiling of foods: its role in obesity prevention  
2/02/2017 Danny DORLING, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
Inequality, Obesity and Oxford: how to reduce car dependence  mp3 podcast
1/12/2016 Naomi EISENSTADT, Department of Education, University of Oxford
Social Mobility: Can family policy make a difference?  mp3 podcast
24/11/2016 Karin Eli1, Osea Giuntella2 and Stanley Ulijaszek11Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford; 2Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh  Associations between social mobility and wellbeing in a UK based sample
17/11/2016 Paulina NOWICKA, Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Uppsala University Familial homeostasis and negotiations of children’s eating and physical activity: An analysis of intergenerational conversations in low income US families  mp3 podcast
10/11/2016 Gaston YALONDETZKY, Leeds University Business School ‘The Great Gatsby’ curve in 3D: Inequality of outcomes, inequality of opportunities, and social mobility across countries mp3 podcast
03/11/2016 Karin ELI and Stanley ULIJASZEK, University of Oxford
Constructing a new index to measure social mobility and wellbeing  
27/10/2016 Helen BOULD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford The influence of school on eating disorders in girls – evidence from Sweden and the UK mp3 podcast
13/10/2016 Rebecca RICHMOND, School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol   Epigenetics: Environment, embodiment and equality  mp3 podcast
16/05/2016 Maurizio MELONI, University of Sheffield Governing Plastic Biology: Biopolitics in Epigenetic Times mp3 podcast
12/05/2016 Tenna JENSEN, University of Copenhagen Frail eaters: Perceptions of body size, health and food among frail home dwelling elderly in Denmark
06/05/2016 Marisa MACARI, El Poder del Consumidor Mexico’s National Strategy to Prevent & Control Obesity & Diabetes: Conflicts, Challenges & Opportunities
24/04/2016 Alice CARRINGTON-WINDO, University of Oxford Maternal Responsibility, ‘Magic Milk’ and Breastfeeding Success: a UK Study
10/03/2016 Emily HENDERSON, Durham University Advancing a model of inequalities, stress, and obesity  mp3 podcast
03/03/2016 Lone GRON, KORA, EPICENTER, Aarhus University Obesity, kinship, and relatedness: Social contagion as ‘alien af-fection’ in family histories and experiences of obesity
25/02/2016 Heather HOWARD, Michigan State University What’s in a name? “Metabolic surgery,” Curing Diabetes, and the Transformation of Weight Loss Procedures and Patients
18/02/2016 Hayley MACGREGOR, Institute of Development Studies Implementing systems for improving healthcare at the coalface: ‘Innovation to address chronic lifelong conditions’
11/02/2016 Phillipe FROGUEL, Imperial College London Diabetes: The personalised epidemic
08/02/2016 Michael GORAN, University of Southern California Effects of sugar on obesity in children
04/02/2016 Noel CAMERON, Loughborough University Does foetal growth predict infant growth?
26/10/2015 Chris FORTH, University of Kansas The fat(tened) American: Between consumption, disgust, and animality mp3 podcast
23/11/2015 Karin ELI, University of Oxford Bulimic distinction
19/11/2015 Thomas COUSINS and Michelle PENTECOST, Stellenbosch UniversityUniversity of Oxford Ecologies of abandonment: epigenetic and microbial imaginaries in post-apartheid Cape Town
5/11/2015 Bethan EVANS, University of Liverpool ‘Fat people are killing the polar bears’: Critiquing body-environment relations in anti-obesity discourse, policy, and practice
29/10/2015 Morton KRINGELBACH, University of Oxford Pain and pleasure in the brain
26/10/2015 Megan WARIN, University of Adelaide Enacting fat: material properties and agentive capacities in a disadvantaged Australian suburb
14/05/2015 Anna LAVIS, University of Birmingham Anorexia as self-care: desire stasis and not eating
7/05/2015 Emily TROSCIANKO, University of Oxford How literacy studies can help us understand eating disorders
30/04/2015 Anita JANSEN, Maastricht University A cognitive profile of obesity and its translation into new cognitive-behavioural health care interventions
5/03/2015 Osea GIUNTELLA, University of Oxford Are tacos healthier than burgers? Migration, food diversity, and health gains from variety
26/02/15 Julian SAVULESCU, University of Oxford Obesity, responsibility and ethics mp3 podcast
19/02/2015 Darryl STELLMACH, University of Oxford “The dynamics in the details”: An ethnography of food aid, weights and measures in South Sudan  mp3 podcast
12/02/2015 Sebastiano COLLINO, Nestle Institute of Health Sciences Healthy ageing, longevity and stratified intervention for the elderly population
20/11/2014 Peter SCARBOROUGH, University of Oxford Evidence of the effectiveness of health-related food taxes mp3 podcast
13/11/2014 Karen THROSBY, Leeds University “It’s not fat – it’s bioprene”: Marathon swimming and heroic fatness mp3 podcast
6/11/2014 Neil DOCHERTY, University College Dublin Rodent models of obesity: Reductionist approaches to  understanding the basis of complex human trait mp3 podcast
30/10/2014 Rachel COLLS, Durham University Exploring critical geographies of obesity and fatness: environments, bodies, and activism mp3 podcast
23/10/2014 Amandine GARDE, Liverpool University From denial to corporate social responsibility: Rhetoric of the food industry on obesity prevention mp3 podcast
12/6/2014 John COVENEY, Flinders University The disenchantment of the plate mp3 podcast
22/5/2014 Geof RAYNER, City University London What would the British food system look like if it took ecological public health at its heart? mp3 podcast
15/5/2014 Amy SHARROCKS, Artist, filmmaker, sculptor Bodies of water mp3 podcast
8/5/2014 Nadine LEVIN, Exeter University Microbes matter: Metabolism and chronic disease in contemporary biomedicine mp3 podcast
1/5/2014 Emily YATES-DOERR, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research “How many bodies?” The clinic, the kitchen and the context of obesity mp3 podcast
13/3/2014 Eleanor BRYANT, University of Bradford The status of disinhibition and its role in predicting behavior
6/3/2014 Amanda LEWIS, University of Oxford Brief interventions for weight management in primary care MP3 podcast
27/2/2014 Marisa WILSON, University of Edinburgh Comparative political ecologies of food and diet: Systems of provision in Trinidad and Cuba MP3 podcast
13/2/2014 Emma-Jayne ABBOTS, University of Wales The intimacies of the celebrity chef industry: Affects, effects and the mediation of eating MP3 podcast
5/12/2013 Catriona BONFIGLIOLI, University of Technology (Sydney) Obesity in the news media life cycle: Ethics, responsibility, and stigmatization mp3 podcast
28/11/2013 Jean-Michel OPPERT, Centre de Recherche en Nutrition Humaine (CRNH) Obesity and physical activity: From behavior to environment MP3 podcast  
14/11/2013 Harry RUTTER, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Obesity, systems and complexity MP3 podcast
24/10/2013 Michéle BELOT, University of Edinburgh Behavioural economics and eating habits MP3 podcast
21/10/2013 Tenna JENSEN, University of Copenhagen Feeding the elderly: A study of political, societal and individual practices regarding food for the elderly in Denmark 1880-2013 MP3 podcast
17/10/2013 Alexandra BREWIS, Arizona State University Biocultural perspectives on globalizing fat stigma MP3 podcast
23/05/2013 Grace O’MALLEY, University College Cork An attempt to act: Practical implementation of best-practice guidelines, policy and innovation in the complex world of childhood obesity
25/4/2013 Giovanni NERI, Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Status food and state food: Notes on obesity in Cuba MP3 podcast 
07/3/2013 Lucy COOKE, University College London Children’s eating habits and food preferences: Determinants and consequences MP3 podcast
28/2/2013 Laurel EDMUNDS, University of Oxford Treating obesity early in life: The common misunderstanding between parents and healthy providers MP3 podcast
21/2/2013 Hiranthi JAYAWEERA, University of Oxford Minority families and barriers to health care MP3 podcast
14/2/2013 Brit OPPEDAL, National Institute of Public Health (Norway) Social integration of migrant children: Uncovering factors promoting health development
07/2/2013 Angela DAVIS, University of Warwick Infant feeding at home and in the nursery in post-1945 Britain: An oral history approach MP3 podcast
31/1/2013 Mariano BEGUERISSE-DIAZ, Imperial College London Network mathematics in the social sciences:  Concepts, applications and perspectives into obesity and public health MP3 podcast
24/1/2013 Karin ELI & Rosie KAY, University of Oxford Participant observation in motion: What dancers can teach us about eating disorders
29/11/2012 Kelvin CHAN, University of Cambridge Social marketing and public health with Change4Life MP3 podcast
27/11/2012 Anna LAVIS and Karin ELI, University of Birmingham and University of Oxford Super-size v Super skinny
22/11/2012 Hannah GRAFF, National Heart Forum Beyond ‘fat tax’: What is the role and potential of food taxes? MP3   podcast
15/11/2012 Christel SCHALDMOSE, Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection; European Parliament Legislating for healthy food in a single European market
01/11/2012 Annemarie MOL, University of Amsterdam Where is the eating body? On situating beyond anatomy?
18/10/2012 Megan WARIN, University of Adelaide Eating NatureCulture: Material feminism and maternal obesity MP3   podcast
11/10/2012 Jennifer BAKER, Imperial College Childhood obesity: What are its future health and social consequences? MP3   podcast
07/6/2012 Karin ELI, University of Oxford Liminal living: Eating disordered embodiment and the reconfiguring of social being MP3   podcast
31/5/2012 Rebecca WHITE, University of Sussex Resilience building in trajectories towards sustainability: An examination of communal growing in the UK MP3   podcast
21/5/2012 Udi BUTLER, University of Bristol Visual political economies and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro MP3   podcast
17/5/2012 Paulina NOWICKA, Karolinska Institutet Parents as gatekeepers: Introduction to family therapy in obesity treatment MP3   podcast
10/5/2012 Tanja SCHNEIDER, University of Oxford The Market(ing) of self-care: Functional foods in Australia
08/3/2012 Adam GILBERTSON, University of Oxford Insecurity and food insecurity: Findings from an informal settlement in Mombasa, Kenya
01/3/2012 Marisa MACARI, University of Oxford Nutritional trajectories in migration: A case study of Mexicans in NYC
23/22012 Melanie WENGER, University of Oxford Narratives from eating management programs in the US
17/11/2011 Annamaria CARUSI, University of Oxford Modeling, simulation, and visualization in computational science: Perspectives on embodiment
10/11/2011 Rosie KAY, Rosie Kay Dance Company 5 Soldiers – The body is the frontline: Embodying soldier’s physicality through research and training MP3 podcast
03/11/2011 Igho ONAKPOYA, University of Oxford Herbal supplements for body weight reduction: A critical review
24/5/2011 Abdulrahman EL-SAYED, University of Oxford Systems science and inequalities in obesity in England: Findings from an agent-based model MP3 podcast
19/5/2011 Anna LAVIS, Goldsmiths Dialectical engagements: Exploring relationships between pro-anorexia and the clinic
12/5/2011 Tenna JENSEN, University of Copenhagen Two perspectives on the longitudinal trends in food consumption: The case of Denmark 1900-2000 MP3 podcast
05/5/2011 Caroline POTTER, University of Oxford Predictable obesity? An ecological approach for identifying future health risk MP3 podcast
10/3/2011 Paul KELLY & Aiden DOHERTY, University of Oxford Digital image capture in public health surveillance for physical activity and food behavior assessment MP3 podcast
03/03/2011 Michael GORAN, University of Southern California Fizzyology: Genetics, metabolic effects, health outcomes, and the politics of high sugar consumption in children MP3 podcast
24/2/2011 Karin ELI, University of Oxford The phenomenology of binge eating in anorexia and bulimia MP3 podcast
02/12/2010 Geof RAYNER, City University Population weight gain as the outcome of dietary, energy, and cultural transition: An ecological public health perspective
18/11/2010 Cressida MARCUS, University of Oxford Affective hunger: Bread and famine in Ethiopian Orthodox Christian spirituality MP3 podcast
11/11/2010 Sanna NORDIN, Laban Contemporary Dance Looking skinny, feeling fit – or fat? Exploring attitudes to bodies and eating in dance
04/11/2010 Kerry O’BRIEN, University of Manchester Why do we dislike obese people? MP3 podcast
26/5/2010 Peter WHYBROW, University of California, Los Angeles The dilemmas of affluence: Lessons from the great American experiment MP3 podcast
19/5/2010 Aravinda GUNTUPALLI, University of Southampton Inquiry into the simultaneous existence of malnutrition and overweight in India   using quantile regression MP3 podcast
12/5/2010 Emma REDDING, Laban Contemporary Dance The physiology of the dancer MP3 podcast
10/3/2010 Melanie WENGER, University of Oxford Ethnography of eating management programs
03/3/2010 Daniel SCHWEKENDIEK, University of Oxford Korea: Indications and implications MP3 podcast
24/2/2010 Nikola KOEPKE, University of Oxford Insights into the development of wellbeing in the very long run: Nutritional status in pre-historic and historic Europe MP3 podcast
26/11/2009 Thorkild SØRENSEN, Copenhagen University Hospital Register-based research opportunities in Denmark MP3 podcast
18/11/2009 Rebecca HARDY, MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing Obesity in the 1946 British birth cohort
11/11/2009 Annie CATTRELL, De Montford University From within MP3 podcast
04/11/2009 Nicholas TIMPSON, University of Bristol Genetics of obesity, and the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children MP3 podcast
20/5/2009 Steven ALLENDER, University of Oxford Policy interventions to prevent childhood obesity
13/05/2009 Harry RUTTER, National Obesity Observatory, UK Looking at the obesity system
6/05/2009 Deborah OXLEY, University of Oxford BMI for historians: measuring health and gender inequality in historical populations
29/4/2009 Stanley ULIJASZEK, University of Oxford Networks and obesity MP3 podcast
11/3/2009 Paul SACHER, University College London Addressing childhood obesity using a family and community based approach: The MEND programmes
25/2/2009 Maciej HENNEBERG, University of Adelaide Alanine transaminase is a better marker than socio-cultural factors for body mass   increase in healthy males: A study of 46,000 Swiss conscripts MP3 podcast
11/2/2009 Julianne KISSACK, University of Oxford Health promotion: behavior change as related to obesity
26/11/2008 Jimmy BELL, Imperial College London The beauty of body fat
26/11/2008 Rosemary KYLE, Sandwell Primary Care Trust Food and obesity: Are we in danger of becoming all style and no substance?
19/11/2008 Thorkild SØRENSEN, Copenhagen University Hospital Historical analysis of the development of the obesity epidemic List of papers available here
12/11/2008 Andrew BREWSTER, National Obesity Forum Cut the waist and the BAROMETER: Answers that matter
14/5/2008 Gary WHITLOCK, University of Oxford Obesity and the risk of death from particular causes: 20,000 deaths during follow-up of 1 million adults
07/5/2008 Neil MANN, RMIT University Australia Paleolithic nutrition: What can we learn from the past?
30/4/2008 Megan WARIN, University of Durham The traffic in ‘nature’: Maternal bodies and obesity Paper
23/4/2008 Adam DREWNOWSKI, University of Washington Do healthier diets cost more
05/3/2008 Simon MARIN, University of Salford Clogged cities: Sclerotic infrastructure Slides
27/2/2008 Shirlene BADGER, University of Cambridge Extreme examples: Children in obesity research
13/2/2008 David McCARTHY, London Metropolitan University General obesity or abdominal obesity – what should we be focusing on in children? Slides
06/2/2008 George DAVEY SMITH, University of Bristol Understanding determinants of phenotypic variation: A gloomy prospect? mp3 podcast
30/1/2008 Philip JAMES, International Obesity Task Force International initiatives in obesity prevention mp3 podcast
23/1/2008 Karen THROSBY, University of Warwick Surgical solutions? Obesity surgery and the ‘war on obesity’? Slides
16/1/2008 Kirsten RENNIE, Unilever Corporate Research The role of epidemiology in obesity prevention: Advantages and limitations
28/11/2007 James STUBBS, Slimming World and Diogenes Project Weight loss and weight maintenance in Western consumers: Current predicaments and future solutions
26/11/2007 Ana CARDEN-COYNE, University of Manchester Fat boobs and frumpy Victorians: Gendered bodies, modern fitness and mass culture
21/11/2007 Susan JEBB, University of Cambridge Tackling obesities: Future choices
14/11/2007 Nicholas HARRIGAN & Tom SNIJDERS, University of Oxford Social network analysis and its potential application for obesity research
07/11/2007 Mike RAYNER & Stanley ULIJASZEK, University of Oxford Explanations for why people get fat: An integral approach Slides
13/6/2007 Amanda BERLAN, University of Oxford Why do calories in not equal calories out? An anthropological study of child obesity in the UK
06/6/2007 Avner OFFER, University of Oxford Obesity: Perspectives from economics
30/5/2007 Devi SRIDHAR, University of Oxford The Maharaja Mac: Biologised globalization in India
23/5/2007 Klim McPHERSON, University of Oxford Modeling obesity change in England – and consequences
16/5/2007 John KOMLOS, University of Munich From opulence to corpulence
02/5/2007 Elizabeth SPENCER, University of Oxford
25/4/2007 Stanley ULIJASZEK, University of Oxford Models of population obesity


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