Past Events

Astor Visiting Lecturer: Adam Drewnowski 22-25 April 2008

Professor Drewnowski, Director of the Exploratory Center for Obesity Research at the University of Washington, came to the Unit to present a series of lectures on his globally-renowned research into obesity and its relationships to taste and satiety, economics, inequality and health. The remit of Professor Drewnowski’s Center in Seattle is to devise transdisciplinary approaches to obesity research, with a focus on the environment, economics, and public health policy. This is complementary to the recently formed Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity, whose aims are to develop multidisciplinary approaches to obesity.

Lecture 1: Mapping Poverty and Obesity

Lecture 2: Sweet Taste, Satiety and Food Reward

Lecture 3: Do Healthier Diets Cost More?

Lecture 4: Food, Incomes and Health

astor visiting lecturer adam drewnowski at public health

astor visiting lecturer adam drewnowski with mike rayner

astor visiting lecturer adam drewnowski with tony hope

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