Digital Food Activism: An Oxford Food Governance Workshop

This workshop took place on Wednesday 25 November at St. Hilda’s College.

Steve Woolgar (University of Oxford) gave the keynote address.

Other invited speakers included: Mariano Beguerisse Díaz (Imperial College, London), Melissa Caldwell (University of California, Santa Cruz), Ryan Foley (University of Oxford), Amy McLennan (University of Oxford), Eva Giraud (Keele University), Katharina Witterhold (University of Siegen)

The workshop centred on the way in which new information and communication technologies (ICTs) increasingly enable social action and civic organisation, on both local and global scales. Within these fast-growing digital platforms for activism, food-related consumer action is gaining new contours and publics. This workshop examined and defined the emerging field of digital food activism, exploring how consumer-ICT interactions generate new knowledges and practices in relation to food. With invited talks by scholars studying food, new media and/or social activism, the workshop critically analysed and assessed how consumer activists, non-governmental organisations and social entrepreneurs use ICTs to facilitate new or alternative forms of engagement with food and how media, corporations, academia and government agencies respond to or mediate these engagements. The workshop builds on and extend the rich literature on food activism and critical food studies by asking what happens when food goes digital.


Introduction Stanley ULIJASZEK SAME, University of Oxford
Marketing Conscious Consumption Ryan FOLEYSAME, University of Oxford Mp3
Political Food Served Digitally All Day? An Online/Offline Perspective on Food- Related Political Consumerism Katharina WITTERHOLDUniversity of Siegen Mp3
The ‘Who’ and ‘What’ of Diabetes on Twitter Mariano BERGUERISSE DIAZ Imperial College



SAME, University of Oxford



SAME, University of Oxford

Digital Food Activism Karin ELISAME, University of Oxford



University of St Gallen InSIS, University of Oxford

Keynote: When Food Goes Digital: From a Mundane Point of View Steve WOOLGARLinkoping University

SBS, University of Oxford


Celebrity Chefs as Political Activists: Audiences, Moments and Affect Michael GOODMANUniversity of Reading Mp3
Food as Media Eva GIRAUDKeele University


Hacking the Food System: Technologies of Justice and Inequality Melissa CALDWELLUniversity of California, Santa Cruz   Mp3
Discussion Stanley ULIJASZEK SAME, University of Oxford

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